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Compass Green at Rooftop Farm

Taking farming on the road! This past Sunday we were visited by Compass Green, a truck-turned-garden that chugs along on biofuel.  The farmer-drivers sleep on hammocks, grow in raised beds and are raising some of our fave Northeast veggies for schoolkids to see as they tour around the country.  Make that the Northeast and Midwest: their West Coast tour was nixed when they found discovered you can’t bring soil (ie truck farms with raised beds) into California.  CA”s loss–these green thumbs have studied biointensive gardening with John Jevins, and were looking forward to a reunion with their mentor!

At 2pm farmer Annie and Compass Green farmer Nick co-led a workshop on transplanting herbs.  Annie planted lemongrass, shiso and basil in the back end of the truck, then led everybody up to the roof to go through common faves like chives, parsley and stevia.  To pick up more on growing herbs, you can check out Annie’s Container Herb Gardening 101 at the Brooklyn Kitchen this Tuesday night.