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  • The green roof base system is comprised of 2” of built-up components: polyethelene, drainange mat, and retention and separation fabrics.
  • With the approval of the building’s engineer, 200,000 pounds of growing medium were lifted onto the roof by crane, in “super-sacks”, over the course of a single day. The growing medium, laid directly onto the green roof base, is a mixture of compost, rock particulates and shale and is manufactured in Pennsylvania. It is a green roof component that at the same time retains water, allows for air circulation and is lightweight.
  • The green roof can hold over 1.5” of rain, providing a significant reduction in storm water runoff. The captured water, in turn, can help to cool the warehouse below yielding a reduction in cooling costs.
  • Installation cost was approximately $10 per square foot. This is significantly lower than most green roof installations due in part to two main factors. One that the three story building and open expanse of roof were very accessible and, two, that recycled materials such as used rafters were utilized for edging.


  • Once Goode Green completed its installation, the growing medium was moved into by place by a team of farming volunteers in three days. It was arranged into 16 north-south beds measuring a maximum of four feet in width and divided down the middle by a single long aisle. The beds have a soil depth of 4-7”. The aisles were filled with mulched bark.
  • Since overhead watering on a rooftop often evaporates or blows away, irrigation is provided via black plastic drip lines, using city tap water. A water collection system is being constructed for 2010.

Greenroof installation by GoodeGreen and supported by Broadway Stages.