Volunteer at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm during our markets! We are open from 1 – 4 pm the last Sunday of the month, May through October.

We can’t wait to see more green thumbs growing!

The Eagle Street Rooftop Farms welcomes volunteers to learn to maintain the farm from seeding to harvest.  Our calendar will post volunteer days when the season begins.

The best way to stay up to date with goings on at the farm is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook!


Our apprenticeship program is accepting applicants for the summer/fall season.  To learn more, read this factsheet all the way through.

Apprenticeships are best suited for individuals looking for professional internships, horticultural experience, and a part time opportunity to work alongside all hired hands on the farm.


During the April through November growing season,  internships through schools and organizations are facilitated through GrowingChefs.org.  Please have your advisor or professor contact us to make arrangements.

Internships are best suited for students with early springtime/fall season commitments not suitable for the apprenticeship staff schedule.  Internships are best suited for specific project objectives outside the apprenticeship program.  Internships are coordinated via a school supervisor.  Students able to make a three month commitment during their summer break, or who wish to work independently with the farm outside of their school supervisor, are welcome to apply as Apprentices.

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