Hot Sauce

photo of our cayennes by Valery Rizzo.

The Story of Our Peppers

From seed to sauce, we’re growing great peppers.  All last fall and through the winter, we studied and traveled from Arizona to Jamaica to find great peppers worth growing.

Chosen for taste first and foremost, our peppers are a mix of classic varieties and hybrids bred for disease resistance, to make our organic growing practices easy to manage.

The amazing results are clear in the delicious range of heat and flavor in our colorful, robust sauces, pepper salts, ristas and pickled pepper products.  You can see a full narrative from start to finish here.

Our 2012 Sauces

Awesome Sauce: A thick blend of red jalapenos, salt and vinegar, this sauce is the gently spicy classic.  A brilliant red, it is delicious just about anywhere a hot sauce belongs.  We named it Awesome Sauce for a reason, after all.

Sissy Sauce: A half-step derivation of the classic Awesome Sauce, this sauce combines classic “rista” peppers (Espanola, Concho) with Red Jalapenos.  If you’re shy around hot sauce, take this one out for a spin.  Crushes will develop, we promise.  Perfect for everything hot sauce is good on, especially if you don’t like heat.

Scotch Sunrise: A blend of the NuMex Sunrise peppers grown from seeds we picked up at the New Mexico Native Plant Center in Santa Fe and our Scotch Bonnet peppers we grew from seeds gathered in Jamaica, this is a limited edition sauce with a sharp heat and amazing creamy flavor.  A sleeper favorite, the bright yellow of this sauce and relatively mild flavor makes it a great topping for anything a hot sauce is good on, but we’re not shy about putting it on unusual dishes, like crepes and squash soups.

Canyu Cayenne: Congo Trinidad is the prettiest pepper we grow: a brilliant red, and the ruffled edges of a round rose.  But like a Bond girl, this gorgeous pepper packs a punch like nothing else on the farm.  Baffled as to what we could use it for, we came up with two choices: pickled, it suspends in the brine like a bouquet of bright balloons. Sauced, it marries perfectly with the sweeter, milder, almost smokier flavor of our cayennes.  Thus, another blend was born: the “Can-You…? Cayenne”.  Can you handle the secret heat of the Congo Trinidad?  Aw, we knew you could!  Delish.

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