Hot Sauce & Compost Cookies!

This week at the Farm, we’ve got the hots for you! Our Andy, Ladybug, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapeno and Ancho Poblano peppers are in full swing, with more rare varieties in smaller amounts–you’ve got to try them to believe us, but we’ll swear up and down we’ve got the hottest fruits in town.  We’ve been making our beloved “CONCENTRATE!!” a mix of vinegar, salt and hot peppers that lets the peppers shine.  Your job is to add the mango juice, tomato puree, chocolate powder and roasted peanuts–whatever it is that allows you to enjoy best the spiciest crop on the farm.

This Sunday at 2pm we’re joined by author, professor and historian Annie Hauck-Lawson, who’ll school us on making a treat that sounds tasty but is best left for the garden: worm compost cookies.  Yum!  More on Annie can be found here.