First Day of CSA

Yesterday, preceding a beautiful sunset, the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm held its inaugural pickup of the world’s first rooftop-based farm share Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Farmer Annie blogged about the importance of CSA in this month’s Atlantic.  The June 8th 2010 share included lettuces (a rooftop custom-made mix), sorrel (recipe at, eggs (chickens adopted from Liberty View Farm), and a freebie of mustard greens and fennel.

The next day, a love-letter came from a shareholder:


these are some fresh greens:
spicy mustard greens….. check
amazing salad greens….. check
scallions pure and tasty ….. check

well done!
sarah and i are stoked.
see you next week!

Many of our farm-fans have written to see if the CSA is full (it is).  But there are a lot of farmers still looking for shareholders.  You can find them at, NYC’s own CSA organizer.  One such farm is our friend Adam Foreman, of Holton Farms.  To get involved, contact him:
Main: 802.232.4207